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We are holding a gym competition 3 times a year. This provides something to look forward to something to help us train harder. Frequent competitions also prepare us to perform better mentally and physically and its just awesome to be with all Ninja minded people. The UNAA (United Ninja Athlete Association) runs the world wide Ninja Obstacle competitions.  The Ninja Playground holds several UNAA competitions each year.  These days are some of the best days in Ninja.  You'll push harder and further than you've ever done before.  The comradery and support from other ninjas is amazing.  

Upcoming Competitions:

Area Qualifier UNAA

Oct  21-22 2022

Oct 21st

7 & Under -  4:00pm

9 & under -  6:30pm

Oct 22nd

11 & under  9:00am

13 & under  11:00am

15 & under,  Amateur Female/Male, Masters, Pro Female -  4:30pm

Pro Male 6:30pm



World Ninja Games

March 10-11  2023



Regional UNAA

April 21-22 2023

Apri 21st

7 & Under -  4:00pm

9 & under -  6:30pm

April 22nd

11 & under  9:00am

13 & under  11:00am

15 & under,  Amateur Female/Male, Masters, Pro Female -  4:30pm

Pro Male 6:30pm

Competitions at Impact Ninja Gym in Sandy Utah

Everest - 4 stage Annual Ninja Competition Event : September 2-3

NNL Competitions: TBA 

All participants must sign our waiver. 


If you or your child are nervous about competing, that's 100% normal. The great thing about the sport is that everyone is very welcoming and encouraging.

These competitions are outrageously fun, and you'll feel more confidence just by showing up and competing.

In order to help you get even more prepped for the competition, here are some Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q: Do I need to have the experience to compete?

A: While having experience helps,

you don't need any experience. That's

one of the awesome things about

ninja obstacles courses. You can show

up and compete and have fun.

Q: What kind of shoes or clothes

should I wear?

A: Wear shoes that are comfortable and

have a grip. Usually, tennis shoes work

fine. Wear normal gym clothes, unless

you want to add some flare ;)

The best ninja shoes are the New Balance Zante V3.

Q: What if there's an obstacle I can't do?

A: Sometimes that happens. That's the nice thing about having these competitions every few months. If there is an obstacle you don't overcome, come down to the Playground and practice and the next time around, we'll make sure you sail over it.

Hope those answers help get you down at the Playground competing. It's really a lot of fun and we'd love to see you there. If you have any more questions, give us a call.

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