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Rexorth A10CO Hydraulic Pump – Forged

Forged A10CO Hydraulic Pump

The Rexroth A10CO hydraulic pump is designed for use in the construction and agricultural industries. This forged hydraulic pump features a compact design and high performance, making it an ideal choice for commercial applications. This model comes with a direct drive preload pump.

The Rexroth A10CO hydraulic pump is suitable for all types of mobile equipment that requires the use of a hydraulic system. This model has been designed to offer maximum efficiency and durability while operating at low temperatures. It is capable of handling heavy duty applications without any problems. The Rexroth A10CO hydraulic pump features an oil-free design that improves its overall performance.

The Rexroth A10CO hydraulic pump is suitable for mobile applications that require increased reliability and durability from their equipment. This model comes with a direct drive preload pump that offers optimum performance over long periods of time without requiring any maintenance work. The Rexroth A10CO hydraulic pump has been tested extensively before being marketed so you know it will perform as expected when installed on your equipment.

Three-piece design

The Rexroth A10CO series of hydraulic pumps is a three-piece design that offers high pressure and high flow characteristics. It's available in both single and double configurations, with bore sizes ranging from 50 to 160 mm (2 to 6.3 in.).

The pump's volute is made of forged steel for resistance to wear and corrosion. The volute gives the pump its structural integrity and strength, as well as its high pressure capabilities.

The A10CO series features an internal circulation system that eliminates external leaks. This makes it ideal for applications where fluid must be circulated through a closed circuit without external leakage or contamination of the fluid being pumped. The circulation system also helps ensure proper lubrication at all times while eliminating potential sources of wear due to dry running conditions.

Cam, drive shaft and crank all forged from a single piece of metal

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Rexorth A10CO Hydraulic Pump – Forged Description

Rexroth hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps are designed and manufactured according to high-quality standards, which are tested by our engineers at each stage of production. The result: High precision, reliability and long service life. Rexroth hydraulic motors are characterized by their compact design, low weight and high efficiency – they offer a perfect power-to-weight ratio (kW/kg). This makes them ideal for applications where weight reduction is essential such as in rail vehicles or on construction sites.



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