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FAQ: What is a Ninja Warrior Gym?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

FAQ: What is a Ninja Warrior Gym?

This is a question that a lot of people are asking these days. It’s a valid question. We’d like to give you a valid answer. In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk about what we are all about and what this sport is all about.

A ninja warrior gym encompasses a lot, so it might take us a minute. Hang in there and we’ll answer your question.

Before you continue though, be sure to check out our class schedule to see when you should come on down!

Now, let’s answer your question.

Ninja Warrior

Ninja warrior gyms are probably most notable for their involvement with the Ninja Warrior Series. The American version stemmed from a Japanese show called Sasuke.

The basic idea is that a large number of competitors try to overcome an obstacle course. There are stages and if you slip and fall (into water) you are eliminated. At the end of each stage, the top contestants move onto the next course, finally ending up at the famed Mount Midoriyama.

These obstacles are designed to mimic the techniques thought to be used by ancient ninja. It's also designed to test the limits of human strength, concentration, and endurance.

As it has become more and more popular, the limits have been pushed farther and farther. Anyone can compete as long as you pass the preliminary events.


Ninja warrior obstacle courses have evolved past a simple television show though. It has become an actual sport. There are competitions all over America as well as the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association and the National Ninja League.

These promote ninja obstacle courses and put on formal competitions. Local gyms do competitions as well as a way to prepare people for the competitions put on by the UNAA and the NNL. The Ninja Playground actually has competitions every so often. Check out the competition schedule to see upcoming events.

Ninja warrior gyms also function as normal gyms as well. You can exercise and train to prepare for competitions or just get fit. A ninja obstacle course offers a great workout for every person at any skill level. It emphasizes mobility, quickness, and functional strength.


One of the coolest things about the sport is the feeling of comradery that is ubiquitous at every competition.

Wally Roskelly, one of the owners of the Ninja Playground, explained how he expected the atmosphere to be extremely competitive at his first competition. He says that instead, the people he was competing against were happy to see him. He explains how they point out nuances in the obstacles and give you lots of encouragement.

The entire sport lends itself to a feeling of inclusion.

That’s why most ninja warrior gyms offer classes. People open up and extend sociality to others in the sport. It is a natural place to find belonging.

I believe it stems from the simple fact that deep down, the ultimate nemesis in the sport is human weakness. In taking on the obstacle course, you are competing against other people yes, but you are also fundamentally challenging the human limit.

I think that’s why your competitors will cheer you on. They want to see what can be done, and what is possible.


That’s what a ninja warrior obstacle gym is in a nutshell. You know what it is now, but you’ll never really understand until you experience it for yourself.

Come on down and visit a real obstacle gym. We’re located in Lehi and we have multiple open-gym hours where anyone can come. We’d love to see you.

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